"Virginia Padoana was a courtesan of Paduan origin, as her
name implies. She lived in an apartment on the Campo San
Geremia, a square just off Venice’s Grand Canal near its
northern entrance. An English traveler a dozen years later
would list Padoana as one who “honoreth all our nation for
my lord of Oxford’s sake.”

As a courtesana Padoana belonged to a distinguished
tradition unknown to England. In the words of one
contemporary traveler, “Thou wilt find the Venetian
courtesan (if she be a selected woman indeed) a good
rhetorician and a most elegant discourser.” Often schooled as
poets, scholars, and musicians, courtesans in Venice carried
out entire careers true to the first syllable of their appellation.

Some courtesans had gained fame as composers,
intellectuals, or authors. In 1575 the courtesan Veronica
Franco published her Terze Rime, an erudite poem that
satirized traditional love lyrics."

Anderson, Mark (2011-11-03).
Shakespeare By Another
Name (Kindle Locations 2543-2550). Untreed Reads. Kindle
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