The play was presented as a staged reading at Ripley-Grier Studios. The cast had freedom of
    movement about the stage and the use of chairs.  There were no props or costumes.

    After the first rehearsal, the cast got together and discussed the play.  They made many suggestions
    that were then incorporated into the script. (Truly a collaborative effort.) Other changes in the script
    were made over the course of the next three rehearsals.

    The presentation of the play was to have two characters (Oxford and Veronica Franco) as consistent
    characters, while the supporting male and female actors played a variety of roles. This required that
    the supporting actors use a variety of accents (Aristocratic English, Italian, Cockney, etc).  The play
    was surrealistic in the sense in had no straight linear development. Rather, the story line might be
    interrupted with flashbacks, futuristic scenes and scenes that show the relationship between Oxford's
    travels in Italy and their influence on him as the writer "William Shakespeare" and his plays.

    The play was surprisingly funny with the Grave Digger scene and the parody of Romeo and Juliet of
    special note.  Further work will be on developing the characters of Oxford and Veronica Franco in
    greater depth.

    The audience asked (yes or no) if the play was....  Here are the percents agreeing to the description.

    Dramatic                100%
    Informative              100%
    Humorous                  86%
    Surprising                  71%
    Dynamic                    57%
    Emotional                  43%

Staged Reading
Tuesday, May 2nd at 2pm.

Physics Theater
300 West 43rd St, 5th Flr
New York, NY

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