Staged Reading
Monday Sept 19th, 1:
30 & 6:00 pm
Ripley-Grier Studio
520 Eighth Ave, 36-37th St
Studio 17A, 17th flr

Veronica Franco
Shakespeare's Italy

The Cast
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The Author

Did Shakespeare have a
child  with his mother,
Queen Elizabeth I ?


This historical fiction smashes the conventional
wisdom about “Shakespeare” and the “Virgin”
Queen and questions the violation of the most
basic human taboo.

The play shatters the notion of a grain dealer as
the Author by recreating the dynamic genius of
this playwright-poet Prince, the true

hakespeare's travels through Italy are surrealistically
juxtaposed against scenes of his life in England,
his plays, poetry, betrayal, murder, love, passion
and romance in a potpourri of fact, fiction and

The Bard meets his match when he encounters
the beautiful published poet, the most honored
Venetian courtesan, Veronica Franco.