A Staged Reading was presented
on Sept 19th, at the Ripley-Grier
Studio in New York City.  

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Audience Reaction

Plans are for a second Staged
Reading Mid-February and an
Off-Off Broadway Opening Mid-Apri

Shakespeare & Queen Elizabeth
Veronica Franco
Shakespeare's Italy
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The Author

This historical fiction smashes the conventional
wisdom about “Shakespeare” and the “Virgin”
Queen and questions the violation of the most
basic human taboo.

The play shatters the notion of a grain dealer as
the Author by recreating the dynamic genius of
this playwright-poet Prince, the true

Shakespeare's travels through Italy are surrealistically
juxtaposed against scenes of his life in England,
his plays, poetry, betrayal, murder, love, passion
and romance in a potpourri of fact, fiction and

The Bard meets his match when he encounters
the beautiful published poet, the most honored
Venetian courtesan, Veronica Franco.